Short Stache Co.



garrett king

Ambitious hustler born and raised in Texas and now resides in Seattle, Washington. An adventurous lifestyle with a knack for change are what make him constantly growing as a person. Both inspired and humbled daily by others around him. Constantly driven by talented others who are hungry for success. The blending of lifestyle type photography with the push of adventure, are what make up his unique aesthetic. He engages in videography as well whether it’s in the air or on the ground, capturing the moments in all their glory.

The name "Short Stache" comes from an old mustache growing contest between an old friend and myself. At the time we were shooting short films about inspiring people that no one had really heard of around the town we grew up in. Rising victorious, I kept the name and thought it was unique and easy to remember. I think that having your own sense of style and aesthetic are what make you, you. Build that style and own it. Create to inspire and explore your boundaries daily. 

I've worked with the following clients: Alpine Modern, Budweiser, Highland Park Whiskey, Forsake, Danner Boots, Samsung, LG, Leica, Teva, ORU Kayak, Lander, ASUS, Sony, G.H. Bass, Matador, Avis Car Rental, Mercedes Benz, Smartcar, Infiniti, and several others. I get asked a lot about the gear I use so I listed it below. 

Gear I use:

  • Sony a7rii & Sony a7sii
  • Sony 24-70mm f2.8GM
  • 35mm f1.4 Zeiss Distagon
  • Sony 70-200mm f4 G
  • Sony 85mm f1.4
  • 50mm f.95 Mitakon
  • Phantom 4 Pro
  • DJI Ronin