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This is a collection of videos that I have produced recently. The content ranges from outdoor lifestyle to adventure based curation. You might even see some coffee shop hanging in there as well. I'm a very run-and-gun type shooter with an intent to create dynamic and organic moments out of the ordinary. Filmmaking has quickly become a desired journey for myself. Don't get me wrong, I love to create stories through still images but, I always want to pair them with incredible footage to further explain the story. I want other to engage in the content as well as relate to it. Everyone has a story to tell, and I want to be the one to document it. Hope you enjoy. 


What a blast this experience was. This secret hot spring destination is rooted deep in woods of Pitt Meadows near Vancouver, BC. It's only accessible by helicopter really. BUT if you're feeling up to it, the nearest road is 60 miles away and you basically have to catch logging boats, hike in, bike in, and conserve tons of energy. Something about roaming around from above is therapeutic for me. Seeing something from a different perspective is key for my creative drive. It pushes me to think differently. Jealous the guys at Sky Helicopters are able to do this for a living. So much fun. Anyways, hope you enjoy this journey we had. Here is a link to their site to do one of your own:

Venice getaway

I had the opportunity to travel to Venice, Italy and capture an intimate moment. Story telling is key for me and this couple made it easy. The culture of the city, the music in the air, and the love in it's truest form. Cody and Amber brought me along to explore the city the day before the wedding, the ceremony, then the reception back in Colorado. This was truly a fairytale. Life is crazy and I hope the best for this wonderful couple. Thanks for letting me be apart of it and I hope to be able to capture more of these moments. 

The normal brand - the hunt

Every family has a tradition for what brings them together. This family hunts and values the time together. It's not so much about the hunt even. Its about the quality time together loving on one another. Learning from each other and catching. That time together is priceless. Though not everyone agrees with hunting, its to each is own and about the bigger picture. They value the animal and use the resources. They value the time and soak up every second with one another. I believe that we all need more of that time. We need quality over quantity. 

all or nothing

This was a special idea was brought to me by The Parative Project. They asked me what All or Nothing meant to me. I knew I had to create a story for how I live my life and what that entails. It’s so much bigger than that thought. The flag isn’t about me or what I do. It’s about the cause. These flags are hand sewn by women in Mumbai, India who have been freed from the sex slave industry... talk about All or Nothing. We believe we can make a difference and that giving it all you have is enough. This first run of flags was able to cover one woman's wages for one year.

This isn't the beginning. This isn't the end. We're not stopping here. All or Nothing.

utah to arizona // echopark

A journey to the desert to get some sunshine! I had the opportunity to work with EchoPark Automotive out of Denver and roam around Utah and Arizona for a week capturing epic content along the way. They're a used car lot that offers amazing deals and they wanted me to build some awareness of their company by taking out a brand new lifted Jeep Wrangler 4x4 to explore. Daryl Love (@darylovejr) Mandie, and myself got to bounce place to place starting in Denver then out to Moab to check out Canyonlands and Arches National Park. What a blast. We got a rainy day in Mounument Valley but luckily cleared up to tour Antelope Canyon in Page, AZ. From there we traveled to the Coral Sand Dunes then finally Zion National Park. Zion is something else. What a place indeed. We hiked up to Observation Point to get a glimpse of the entire park. I recommend that hike to everyone, but be prepared to hike 8 miles. Well worth it for the views. Hope you guys enjoy this set.

The Journey to iceland

No matter how many times I've seen images from this place, I've always wanted to go and roam this place. Though we went during late fall / early winter, it was a hell of a time. It started off rainy and cold but it got better as we went further round the island. There weren't too many people so it was nice to have empty spots to explore. Definitely going back in the summer to hike into some more places inland. What a magical place. This is what we saw and experienced. Hope everyone gets to visit someday!

The Normal Brand - oregon

This video sums up the organic moments of the overall trip and what they encompassed. All handheld footage that could be recorded in a moments noticed. It's always fun to take it back to basics and create in the raw moments with minimal gear. 

Cytosport weekend

A weekend getaway for employees of Cytosport up in the mountains of Colorado. This video is a 3 day recap of the adventures that we filmed. All of it had to be cut, edited, and delivered the next day. That makes for one long night, but well worth it. 


Brand video for an epic company called Matador, based here in Boulder, CO. They creatively invent outdoor products that fold down to pocket size portions such as their well known Matador Pocket Blanket. Check them out!

Lander x Oregon

Adventuring out in Oregon with Lander. This video is one of my favorites I've created so far. Not only was the content incredible to capture from the beautiful scenery, but the company that came along. People make places no matter what. 

Lander x California

Another epic adventure with Lander. This time we took it California and roamed everywhere. Started off in Yosemite and wrapped it up in San Francisco. We went from freezing valley temps to warming sunsets on the beach. Last but not least, an epic helicopter tour over the Golden Gate Bridge. Speechless.